Who we are  

It is not just furniture...it is a lifestyle

Auction Gallery  goes back to 1994 . Auction is a family business founded by Dr. Nadia Badran, A professor of Arabic literature  at AUC , who had a strong passion for French antiques . Our first showroom was the Heliopolis branch , where we started off by exhibiting an assortment of French antiques mingled with fine reproductions .
Through the years , we established a very solid reputation for reproducing French antique pieces in very high quality . We furnished endless projects , mainly residential , and succeeded in meeting the requirements of our clients . 

Our main objective was to reach clients seeking fine handcrafted reproductions and expand our client base on the other side of town . Again , our showroom managed to have a reputable place in the furniture market and to meet the expectations of our new market .

We are also Member of Egyptian Furniture Export Council and The Chamber of Wood Working and Furniture Industry

Through the years , we had clients from around the globe ; KSA  ,  Kuwait , UAE , Qatar , Tunisia , France , USA . This encouraged us to reach out to different markets . In 2010 , we started addressing several markets especially in the Gulf area . In 2011 , we succeeded in exhibiting an assortment of our products in the reputable Bayt Alzawat , in Jeddah . Until this day , we continue to have a successful relationship with this respectable entity with a collection of joined projects not only In Jeddah but in the whole of the Saudi kingdom .

Furthermore , we participated in Index Dubai 2015 , which opened up a lot of business opportunities in the region . We succeeded in exhibiting our products in two of the biggest showrooms in Abu Dhabi and Doha , The Address and Fine Art , whom so far their feedback and orders show a growing and promising market for Auction .

This year our target is to launch our new Contemporary - Classic collection of furniture and home accessories which we believe is a growing taste in the Egyptian as well as the global market .

Finally , Auction has always and will continue to strive to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations  with a special attention to quality . We will also continue to seek and address potential markets that appreciate our high end products .